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Antraštė DEVELOPMENT VOLUNTEER. Study in Norway and volunteer in Africa or Asia
Aprašymas Program costs: The program costs € 2700 (for the periods spent in the school) which will cover the following things: Food & Accommodation, Program materials, Activities included in the program.This is what you need to pay yourself, but you will get an additional scholarship from Humana People to People for the project period: The Humana People to People Scholarship of € 1,600 covers: Flight tickets to the project and back, health insurance, Visa.
Kita savanoriui reikalinga informacija DEVELOPMENT VOLUNTEER. Study in Norway and volunteer in Africa or Asia Development Volunteer program is divided into 3 intense periods, one of them focused on different areas. 1. STUDY PERIOD Location: Norway Duration: 3 months Take this period as your first challenge. It is important to give 100% to each period of the program to have the best experience. It all starts with developing skills of leadership and social skills necessary for your integration in the projects. Each one of you will gain knowledge and experiences necessary to succeed in your project, it depends a lot on your openness to gain knowledge and also to bring your own skills to the table. Learning is not only about listening to the teacher, but it is also your own curiosity. You will learn to organize, work as a team, to communicate, take action about big issues of today like global affairs, political science, international and economic development. The study methods include group and individual work, lectures, investigations, and fieldwork. 2. VOLUNTEERING PERIOD Location: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique or India Duration: 6 months After 3 months of training, you are ready to practice what you have learned. Before leaving for your volunteer project, you will have Skype meetings with the Project Leader to discuss the specific needs of the project. Together you will determine what your tasks and responsibilities as a volunteer will be. The Project Work in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique or India and takes place in cooperation with Humana People to People ( In this period, you can work at: Teacher training colleges Educating teachers for rural areas. Vocational schools for young people. Schools for street children. Preschools. Sanitation and hygiene in rural areas. Tree planting campaigns. Raising funds for social projects by forming partnerships and selling second hand clothes and shoes. Stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS (following the program TCE/Total Control of the Epidemic). Farming 3. CONCLUSION PERIOD Location: NORWAY Duration: 1 month Returning to the school will be full of new experiences, excitement and knowledge! This needs to be processed, discussed and understood. You will meet again with your team, will you be able to meet your needs? Producing articles, videos, presentations, exhibitions, speeches for debate forums, books and more. Your future team concludes with "The Poor and the Issues of Our Time". At the end of your volunteer training, you will receive a Development Instructor Certificate.
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